Enjoy this time of year

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Look, I realize Spring is a nutty time in a nature-based program. There are family conferences to complete, family events, transitions, celebrations, and so much more. 

Yet, Spring is a GLORIOUS time in a nature-based program!

Why? For two reasons:

  1. Rituals and routines–At this point in the year the group knows the routines. There are shared rituals which have created a cohesive bond.

  2. Nature is in its glory! Nature is flourishing with all sorts of new things to show children and the weather is generally easy. This combination makes for a wondrous time of year.

So today’s message is a gentle reminder to enjoy this time of year. Yes, it’s busy and chaotic. Yet, if we are mindful we’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of this season.

Pause and notice how the children are immersed in play and needing you less than they did a few months ago. Notice how active the plants and animals are around you. Notice how families are comfortable in the nature-based pedagogy and routines of your program. 

And if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere right now I would argue the same pause and enjoy message applies. It’s just the things to notice and appreciate will be different. 

Wherever you are, I hope you’ll pause and ENJOY! 😀 

Keep changing lives,


Rachel A. Larimore, Ph.D., Chief Visionary of Samara Learning


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